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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  August 29, 2012 1:00pm-4:09pm EDT

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content to live a lie with them. they are wrong. we believe in telling our seniors the truth about overburdened entitlements. we know seniors not only want these programs to survive, but they just as badly want them secured for their grandchildren. our seniors are not selfish. [applause] . .
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we believe -- [applause] we believe we should honor and report the good ones will to win what is the expert carnations future. demanding accountability, higher standards and demanding the best teachers in every classroom in america. [applause] get ready. here is what they believe. they believe that educational savage will always put themselves ahead of children. the self-interest will always
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trump common-sense. they believe pitting unions against teachers, lobbyists against children. they believe in teacher unions. we believe and teachers. -- in teachers. [applause] act bigger than the pinnace we forge bipartisan compromise and stand up for our conservative principles. [cheers and applause] you see, because it has always been the power of our ideas, not our rhetoric, that attracts people to our party. we win when we make it about what needs to be done. we lose when we play along with their game of schering and dividing. [applause]
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make no mistake about it, everybody. the problems are too big to let the american people lose. the slowest economic recovery in decades, and an education system that is failing to compete in the world. it does not matter how we got here. there's enough blame to go around. what matters is what we do now. [applause] i know. i know we can fix our problems. when there are people in the room who care more about doing the job they were elected to do than worrying about reelection, it is possible to work together, achieve principal compromise, and get results for the people who give us these jobs in the first place. [cheers and applause]
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the people have no patience for any other way anymore. it is simple. we need politicians to care more about doing something and less about being something. [applause] and believe me, believe me, if we could do this in a blue state like new dollars a with conserve again -- like new jersey with a conservative republican governor, washington is out of excuses. [cheers and applause] leadership delivers. leadership counts. leadership matters. and here is the great news i came here tonight to bring you. we have this leader for america. we have a nominee who will tell us the truth and will lead with conviction. and now he has a running mate who will do the same. we have gov. mitt romney and congressman paul ryan to be the next president and vice-
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president of the united states! [cheers and applause] i know mitt romney. he will tell us the hard truths we need to year to put this back on a path to growth and create good paying private sector jobs again in america. mitt romney will tell us the hard truths we need to year to end the torrent of debt that is compromising our future and their earning our economy. mitt romney will tell us the hard truth to end the debacle of putting the hands of the critical care system in the hands of the bureaucrats and putting the bureaucrats between an american citizen and her doctor. [cheers and applause]
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we ended an era of absentee leadership without purpose or principal in new jersey. i am here to tell you tonight. it is time to end this era of absentee leadership in the oval office and send real leaders to the white house. america needs mitt romney and paul ryan and we need them right now. [cheers and applause] we have to tell each other the truth, right? listen, there is doubt and fear for our future in every corner of our country. i have traveled all over the country. i have seen this myself. these feelings are real. this moment is real. it is a moment like this where
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some skeptics wonder if america's greatness is over. they wonder if those who have come before the before us had in the spirit and tenacity could not to look around and say not me, but to look around and say yes, me. i have an answer tonight for the skeptics and the naysayers, the dividers and the defenders of the status quo. i have faith in us. i know. [applause] i know we can be the men and women our country calls us to be tonight. there's only one thing missing now. leadership. you see, mr. president, real leaders do not follow polls. real leaders change polls. [cheers and applause]
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and that is what we need. that is what we need to do now. we need to change polls through the power of our principles. we need to change polls through the strength of our conviction. tonight, our duty is to tell the american people the truth. our problems are big and the solutions will not be painless. we all must share in sacrifice and any leader that tells us differently is simply not telling the truth. [cheers and applause] i think the night of the greatest generation can we look back and marvel at their courage, overcoming the great depression, fighting nazi tyranny, standing up for freedom around the world. now it is our time to hansard -- to enter history as col. -- now it is our time to answer histories call. we assuage ourselves with the creature comforts we have acquired and that someone else will make a different because we cannot.
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or will they say it was that we stood up and made the tough choices that needed to be made to preserve our way of life. i don't know about you, but i do want my children and grandchildren to have to read the history books about what it was like to live in an american century. i do not want of an american country that is overtaxed, over borrowed. i want them to live in a second american century. [cheers and applause] a second american century. of strong economic growth for those were willing to work hard, who will have good paying jobs to support their families and reach their dreams, a second american century where real american exceptional was and is not a political punch line, but
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is evident to everyone in the world just by watching the way our government conducts its business everyday and the way americans live their lives. a second american century where our military is strong, our values are sure, our work ethic is unmatched, and our constitution remains the model for anyone in the world struggling for liberty. [cheers and applause] let us choose a path that will be remembered for generations to come, standing strong for freedom will make the next century as great an american century as the last one. this is the american way. we have never been victims of destiny. we have always been the masters of our own. [cheers and applause] and i know you agree with me on this.
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i will not be part of the generation that fails that test and neither will you. [applause] all right. it is now time to stand up and stand up! everybody, stand up! stand up. because there is no time left to wait. if you're willing to stand up with me for america's future, i will stand up with you if you're willing to fight with me for mitt romney. i will fight with you. if you're willing to hear the truth about the hard road ahead and the rewards for america, i am here to begin with you this new era of truth telling tonight. we choose the path that has always defined our nation's history. tonight, we finally and for me
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answer the call that so many generations have had the courage to answer before us. tonight, we stand up for mitt romney as the next president of the united states. [cheers and applause] and together -- [cheers and applause] and together, everybody, together, we will stand up once again for american greatness for our children and grandchildren. god bless you and god bless america. [cheers and applause] >> that of course was the new jersey gov., chris christie giving the 40th addressed at the 2012 national convention.
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a live picture of the outside of the tampa bay forums where the convention is being held. it is on one of the harbors here in downtown tampa. we want to take your calls. we want to continue to take your calls as we are live the this afternoon. the numbers are up on your screen. for democrats -- independents -- if you would also like to make a comment on our facebook page, that is that 24/7. go to and make a comment. here are some we of already received. japan says what freedoms have been lost in the past four years? do you really think this group of clowns really wants to get the debt under control. >> francis says i will name one
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, gitmo still open. those of the types of comments people are having a conversation on our facebook page. you can also send a tweet. these are some that we are following. you could go to read these. this is part of our convention page. you will see right there, republican national convention. click on that, and that is the convention held. read the tweeds coming in under that. tweets from delegates. -- read the tweets. we have been talking with delegates regularly. all of the videos are also posted online. you will be able to see those as well as some of the events we
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have been covering. some of the things coming up this afternoon at 1:20, 5-10 minutes we will bring you a woman for mitt romney breakfast high -- held at the hyatt regency that was held this morning. it is about 45 minutes or so. we will show you some vice- presidential clark read speeches. we want to show you some of those speeches. tonight is the night paul ryan excepts the presidential nomination. after that, we will bring you a president obama campaign rally. that is at 3:30 eastern time this afternoon. 6:00 will be our live a preview program from the floor of the convention center -- from the forum, the tampa bay times foreign. at 7:00, the convention kicks off. tonight you will hear from
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senators. senator mcconnell and land paul and representative kathy mcmorris -- rand pual. afteaul. 9:00 our governor of puerto rico, tim pawlenty and mike huckabee will speak at 9:00 hour. finally, congolese the rice, but gov. suzanne of martina's of mexico and paul ryan accepting his party's nomination nomination. mitt romney, even though he is of the chris christie speech last night, he is in new mexico today. he will fly back in tonight at some point. tonight's house band happens to
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be the band from "saturday night live." that is the began doing the music for the convention this evening. now, to talk about what you're seeing at the republican national convention, we will begin with a call from matt and bill johnson, ain belonte, ohio. >> i would encourage all democrats to follow the convention. and to watch debates. there are a couple of narratives. >> why? >> that are in the convention so far. the big issue seems to be obama canceling welfare to work program. i do not feel these attacks are completely accurate. i am troubled and a little afraid of mitt romney is
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slashing entitlements and forcing people into a desperate situation. and the revolting of the rising -- resulting rise in violence and crime. >> that is matt in belfonte, ohio. next is geraldine in south carolina. good afternoon. take out i have been a democrat for many years, but i will be a republican from now on. mitt romney did not cause any kinds of problems or troubles or crime in anybody's neighborhood. it is people themselves that do that.
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i will vote for republican this time and never go back to be a democrat, because they have not done anything they promised. my family has been in crisis since he has been in there. my daughter and her son have lost their jobs, home, everything. they have moved back again with us. it is not that i would not like to have them here, but they would like their own place. you have home problems. we will help you out. no one helped them out and no one helped us out. we're not taking anything for free. pick up paper, clean homes, clean commodes. we will do that before we will reach our hands out and ask for any help from our governments.
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our government is not supposed to do that. we're supposed to take care of our own. that is all i have to say. the good geraldine in little river, south carolina. next calller is from joanne. >> thank you, c-span, for taking my call. i have been watching the republican convention, and i have enjoyed every bit of it as a black american. i just have a few comments. i listened to ann romney and i loved her speech. i think she spoke to me and women in america. i hear what she is saying.
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and i also listen to chris christie, who i thought was very dynamic in his speech. he appeared to be a little bit angry, more like he was running for president. i looked at mitt romney sitting there after he laid the dynamic speech, and i do not mean a disrespectful way, he's that there like a piece of dry toast. he would not even stand up when his wife was standing up. i found that to be disturbing, because i thought he was pouring his heart out for his country and those of us that have seen this economic disaster. now, i said all that. i want to talk one more minute about medicare. so many seniors need medicare. i know it needs to be reformed. i understand how important it is for those that are older and some of us who are younker to have the system reformed, because it is not sustainable. if you go with the plan that i
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read on line with the mayor ronnie anitt romney and paul ry, medicare will be destroyed. my concerns are with the jobs bill that it was never passed by congress, and also, taxes being so high for me, and i am a nurse. i do not know how i would survive if my kids were not grown. i will work until i am probably 95. i do not understand how this country can allow the richest people who of the coverage because of those of the middle class, i did not understand how they will not want to pay just a little bit more to help us out of this economic mess. >> that was joanne. we will have to leave it there. we appreciate your comments
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from palmdale, california. on your screen is part of downtown, ta tampa. the mariott is where mitt romney is staying what he is here at the convention. you can see how close it is to the tampa bay * form. we have cameras all over tampa. live pictures of one of the security check in points. this is near the tampa bay * form. you can see the security apparatus that is in place. much of the convention area is pretty well locked down. there are chain-link fences through a downtown tampa bay. police on every single corner. there are several different layers of security. this tent you see is a temporary tent that leads into the tampa bay times for of. it is on sidewalk and has been laid down with tenting and
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almost like air-conditioning because it is 200% humidity down here. they're trying to keep the delegates, media and other people using this, cool off. for the past several conventions and primaries, cnn has created a grill. the takeover our restaurants and it is open for business for you to go in there and meet some of the folks. they do a lot of the broadcast from there as well. that is maybe a block or so from the tampa bay times forum as well. we continue to look at the live pictures from the events and the hoopla surrounding the convention. we will take this call from renee in tacoma park, md. on the democrat line. you are on and we are listening. >> good afternoon. thank you for taking my call. i am a democrat, but i watched
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the republican convention so i can make an informed decision when i cast my vote. i noticed a couple of things. one, chris christie is getting a lot of flak for selling himself. others did the same thing. they all started out by touting the accolades of them in their states. i do not think he did anything out of the ordinary. i think they are all looking towards 2016 and mentioned it romney the canid it very little. -- mitt romney the candidate very little. even and romnen romney, she cond me he is a great husband, but not that he would make a great
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president. they derive much, and have a great day. >> that was renee from tacoma park, maryland. and--- thank you very much. the tent is one of the entrances into the forum. it's on the right of your screen. a little difficult to see because it winds along the sidewalks back there. that high weight that you see right there is the lee roy stillman expressway. there seems to be about 14 things named after him. that expressway has been shut down. downtown tampa bay also has a trolly, which is not running as well. that runs through there and goes up to you for city, the french quarter of tampa bay. a lot of cigar making, cafes and what have you. bars and different types of night life as well.
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this it's about a mile from downtown tampa. dan from denver, colorado, on the republican line. good afternoon. please make your comment. to g>> thank you. first of all, i am enjoying the convention immensely. i have enjoyed john k. sick, rick santorum, of course. i have seen chris chritie speak befor and thought he wasite sped thought he was better at that time, but he was dynamic today. to the what you think of mitt
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romney? -- >> what do you think of mitt romney? >> i think he is an exceptionally able manner. someone who can act as an executive. this country since ronald reagan, has been absent of an executive. >> dan in denver, colorado. by the way, your delegates here at the convention were all wearing red shirts and cowboy hats on the floor. they are competing with texas as far as the western gear. we continue to show you live pictures from the convention center, which is where the media has gathered. 15,000 members of the media are credentialed for this event. you can see the loading trucks
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and the year coming out. it is a lot of loading dock types that you do not see on television necessarily when you are at a convention. you see what is essentially a great big television studio inside the convention halls. that has always been one big television all. we wanted to give you a little bit of behind-the-scenes that is in place as we continue to take your calls live from tampa bay and the 40th republican national convention. david in columbus, indiana on the independent line. good afternoon. make your comments. >> good afternoon. i wanted to say something about mitt romney. really it is the whole bunch of republicans. you have paul ryan who took
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his lessons from the communists. then the republican congress with the filibusters and everything, and therefore to blame everything on obama. you have 100 some of filibusters. what do they expect? congress really controls thing. the president really is just there to sign the paperwork. >> david in columbus, indiana talking. if you have not had a chance to get through on the phone call,
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there are other ways of getting through. make a comment on our facebook page. there is an ongoing conversation about the republican national convention on that page. and you can join in the conversation at any point. you can also send a tweet to -- those tweets are all available to be read on the convention hub, which is on the web site. good to c-s to there are so many things you can do on that page. it is interactive, exclusive video. and we've been talking with delegates throughout the week and getting their experiences. you can create and share video clips. like we mentioned, you can connect with other viewers and add your comments in various social media forums. also the availability of
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watching the video we have been showing you here during the convention and some of the very different events. of course all of the speeches. a lot coming up this afternoon, including the president live in charlottesville, virginia. mitt romney is in indianapolis speaking at the american legion and flying back into tampa tonight. and next we want to show you an event called with fouromenwomenr romney. this is about 45 minutes. >> good morning, everybody. it is incredibly exciting to see the room packed today. i must say thank you all for
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going with all of the changes. we were confused about whether it was breakfast or lunch, or maybe dinner or teeth. welcome to this room packed full of energized, excited, enthusiastic event with and romney and friends. are you wondering where she is? let's bring her into the room right now. please welcome our guest of honor, ann romney and jana ryan. [applause]
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i cannot imagine with 18 grandchildren and the sons and daughters and laws that and got any sleep last night, but i want to make one important point right off the top this morning, and that is, you did us proud last night. [applause] i think i walked in the back of their room and saw many of you on your various devices email
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lee, treatiling, tweeting. i was hearing from friends during the speech, wow, incredible. all some, rock star. -- awesome. [applause] as most of year ago, i left entertainment tonight last year after 29 wonderful years, and the one thing i have been hearing all your is the you miss it? what are you doing next? well, yes, of course i miss the friends, colleagues and people i work with for seven years, but this has been a busy and wonderful year. ladies, let me just tell you i am thrilled to be in this ballroom in tampa with all of you today.
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the electricity in the convention center and the incredible touching stories we heard last night are frankly a lot more interesting to me now than george cluny's latest squeeze. -- george clooney's latest squeeze, which happens to be barack obama. [laughter] enough of tinseltown. this is a great and historic week right here in tampa. the thing that's probably disturb all of us that the bread say republicans have declared war on women. you know what we republican women have to say to that? we say the only ones who have declared war on women are those who would deny us the right to be independent thinkers.
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[applause] and as all of you know, we're here today to honor one incredibly strong and special republican woman in particular, the next first lady at the united states ann romney. [applause] last night you so beautifully paid tribute to the women of america. today we salute you and thank you for speaking so eloquently from your heart, because that touched all of our worst. we do want to get to know your mitt. it is very clear that she had strength and independence. come on, she raised five
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browbeat sonrowdy sons with grae fights illness with courage. she is a rock star now. she is a rock for others. most importantly for her husband mess that i could not function without man. there is a reason for all family calls her the stabilizer. for all we see of the beautiful smile, and i would not want to cross you if i put peanut butter on your pancakes -- [laughter] we're paying tribute to this exceptional woman today, but we also have a very special lady with us, the great partner of paul ryan, jana ryan. [applause]
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in a few moments you have a chance to hear from her, from the doctors and la aughters-in-w and may be a surprise along the way. right now with like to bring on a national recorded artist. [applause] ♪ ["god bless america"]
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♪ ♪
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["god bless america"] ♪
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♪ ke>> thank you for that beautifl rendition. now we are lucky enough to hear from someone the country has not yet gone to wtten to know well enough. south dakota. i am not sure he caught any kind of good fish that day, but we do know he made a great catch in jana. anyone who knows her will tell you she is warm, extremely
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smart and focused. she is the mother of three, and a tax attorney and wife. she has to keep the home running in james burke while her, -- has been searching congress during the week. ladies and gentlemen, please give of warm welcome to jana ryan. [applause] >> thank you. good morning, everyone. it is wonderful to be here with you. hello, cheese heads. thank you so much for being here. i have to say it again, wasn't ann great last night?
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so good. i just want to say thank-you to the romneys for welcoming me, my husband and artie -- three children on this journey. that is what this race is all about. her story is an inspiration for millions of women across this country. her friendship is an unexpected blessing in this campaign. it is a privilege to join you. it is a tremendous honor to be on america's comeback team with you all. i look forward to meeting so many of you in the weeks ahead. thank you again at. enjoy your breakfast. [applause]
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>> thank you, jana. as any mother in the audience knows, it is a lot of work to raise kids. i have one son who happens to be an audience today. when i think back on what was toughest in some anyways, the toughest job was raising a.j. i can only imagine what it would be times 5. in ann's case they have all grown up to be loving sons, husbands, and fathers as well. they were hoping to be here today to talk about their mom, which they love to do, but because of this cut will changing and everything happened, they were out each one
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of them individually campaigning hard for their father as they speak. the good news also is we are fortunate enough to have their beautiful wives here instead. would you please welcome on stage jen. laurie, jen, ange line and mary. [applause] >> introducing the people who are introducing. that is silly. i am jen. i'm married to tag. [laughter]
1:47 pm
i have a fortune of privilege of being the first girl into the family. you can remember ann did not have sisters or daughters, and then she had me. so i was so lucky to learn from someone who has grace and poise, and he was able to raise these five boys, one of whom became my husband. these are lessons that i take with me as i raise my own daughter and my own 5 sons, so raiswish me luck. [applause] >> my name is laurie and very married to matt, and as my grandmother always says, the cutest. when i think about when i was first married, i was nervous and
1:48 pm
intimidated by their family. i remember one day when i was dating, we were in the kitchen and i walked by and i saw this perfect looking peach pie, and i literally thought to myself, i cannot marry into this family. [laughter] because i could never do that. at that time, i did marry matt and could not make macaroni cheese from a box. she took me under her wing and taught me to go up. even more importantly than that, she taught me to be really good support to matt and not always bring him down with the little hard things that happened during the day, but to be positive, and i am grateful for that. thank you. [applause] >> hi. i'm also jen romney.
1:49 pm
i disagree. and i am married to josh and he is adorable. so ann also tried to teach me how to cook, but it was a futile attempt. i enjoy her cooking, but never did learn how to cook well. one of my favorite memories was our first christmas together with the family. i was pregnant with my daughter and eight months along. i had two weeks ago and we had a nice christmas eve of. everyone went to bed, and there was one brother awake, and i went into labor. it was time to go. we told the one brother who still the guys we told him. we said we're going to the hospital. tell everyone that we went. the next morning -- [laughter]
1:50 pm
my baby still had not come, but getting close. and we called and said where is the family? rhe said, what? no one told us. he said we were waiting for you to wake up in, open presents. he said it back hoget back hom. [laughter] me. [laughter] after spending the whole day previous to christmas cooking and getting everything ready, she is an amazing cut and baking and getting all the christmas dinner ready, ann brought the entire family down to the hospital. walked in when i was in labor. she brings the whole family, and
1:51 pm
they have a christmas dinner at the vending machines waiting for the baby to come. that is just one story about ann and the amazing mother she is and how much she values family. and i love her like my own mother and was so proud of her last night. i love that woman. the gear. [applause] -- thank you. >> i am married to the blonde one. the one that stands out. and i called a smart one. -- call the smart one. as i was thinking about ann that you have already noticed i'd be a little late after the incredible speech last night, but the one thing i love about her is she is a really modern feminist. she is a 20% requirement. she is so comfortable in her own
1:52 pm
skin, and that is for real. [applause] i feel like being a stay at home mother myself, one who wants to go back to school, one who is making a long-term choice in my life, anything is possible, and i have such an amazing role model to follow. whenever i am having trouble communicating with my husband, i tend to channel ann and it works really well. [applause] >> good morning. i am married to the baby. what a thrill to get to talk about an amazing woman. from the time i joined the family, she not only became like a second mother, but a dear friend as well. brown hurt i have learned not only to cook, but to shop for heels, and to decorate a home,
1:53 pm
how to be brave in the face of trials and of the series, and how to be a kinder and gentler wife and mother. i only hope my boys respect of what we have as much as my husband and his brothers respect and love their mother. you should hear my husband pray for his mom and her help. they adore her. they think that is the biggest tribute to any woman. i think ann is not only police and everything we of said today, but also gorgeous. here is to the beautiful ann romney. [applause] >> i knew i was just one of five
1:54 pm
boys and house, but i felt like when i was with her, i was the most important one in the world to her. ♪ >> we were very rambunctious, all of us were. we loved it. my mother was always begging for us to be quiet. my brother and i thought a lot. we had a couple of nicknames. and it was easy and fun to get a rise out of her. she eventually said if you cannot beat them, join them. >> swim over there in the grass. and there he is. >> she always laughed with us. she was the first to join in the fund. -- join in the fun. >> i can imitate her voice.
1:55 pm
>> i got in trouble a lot. she would laugh, and basically got out of trouble any time. my mom used to make pancakes every morning. >> she left my brother's in charge. one of the first time there were in charge of watching me. i was on the counter eating marshmallow fluff. my brothers found me, and they kept encouraging me to give more all over my face.
1:56 pm
my mom what in. and i do not been she let them watch before while. -- for a while. >> she is an authentic person. she does not put on airs in be something she is not. she does not measure what she is going to say. she just says what shavings. >> she is very easy to talk to. -- she just says what she thinks. >> she has been allot in her life. even before she went through those bangs, she has always been compassion and caring. >> very slow to judge in very quick to lend a helping hand. >> i hope i have some of that. and ♪
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[applause] >> what a wonderful dothmother's day surprise. there is one more person who wanted to say something this morning, and i think it is time we hear from that person. >> i am sorry i cannot be there with you in person, but the truth is i do not think i was even invited. i only get to be in tampa for one night. then i looked at ann's schedule. the phrase while the cat is a
1:58 pm
way the mice will play comes to mind. and by the time i get to town, the delegates may have decided to nominate ann instead. seriously, we have shared quite a journey since those high school days when we first fell in love. this week will be one we will never forget. thank you for coming today and honoring my sweetheart. she is just one of victory women here in tampa, and i salute all of you. please join me in welcoming her now, ladies and gentlemen, the next first lady of the united states, ann romney. [applause] [laughter] >> that was --
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[applause] that was quite a tribute. i did not know i was going to get such an introduction. i kind of expected my boys to be introducing me. they would have given me grief and been a lot tougher. to have those gorgeous girls -- [applause] how fabulous. i used to be a sorry for myself a lot when i was raising boys and i would go to a friend's house is where they had girls. they would be baking cookies or helping their mom in the kitchen or even washing a dish. i would think to myself, wow, you should come to my house and see what it is like. total chaos.
2:00 pm
yet, i knew and prayed at night that somewhere, some other was raising a daughter that would be a good life to my unruly sons, and my prayers were answered. [app how wonderful it is that we have
2:01 pm
such beautiful opportunities in our life to have -- where we can bring that softness and remind people of why we live life and why we are here on earth guit is too sure that joy of love, and what better way than through family? [applause] you know, it is wonderful to be here. apparently this is a fundraiser as well. i mean, why not. i am like, what? the fundraiser? ok, let's do another thing. life is coming at me right now like a fire hose. i'm not quite sure, but i need to pause and thank all the women that made this happen today. to all of the beautiful women,
2:02 pm
and my chair of women for romney, thank you so much. when you women for romney chair is wearing this pin -- would you just stand? [applause] now, these are some powerful women out there. they are. thank you. and they are raising money for mitt, at they have a gold. we have blown by that goal, so we can invite you all to join this party. [laughter] there is a good reason for you to join the party, and a good reason for you to work so hard, because everything is on the line. ins is othe seminal moment the history of america. i think a lot of you know that
2:03 pm
four years ago, got a camera out and i videotaped myself and gave a message to mitt, and cindy mccain will appreciate this -- by the way, cindy is right there. i love cindy. [applause] cindy felt the same way four years ago, and i made this videotape, and i said, "i am never doing that again at." [laughter] you feel that way, cindy? i gave it to mitt, and he said, "oh. you know you say that after every pregnancy." [laughter] i do have five boys. what changed my mind? what made it so that i knew this was an important thing to go through again? number one, i made a decision that i was not going to take the attacks personally.
2:04 pm
cindy will know better than anyone in this room how hard it is to go through a campaign like this. it is not easy on the whites, the children, the family and friends -- not easy on the wive s, the children, the family and friends, because you see someone you love being maligned, lied about, mistreated, criticized, and every person you know is giving advice about what they should say and do. it is part of the package. it is a hard thing, and a hard thing for all of those families and candidates that had to go through the primary process with us. i salute all of their partners -- there was one woman. we had one husband in there who had to put up with it as well. anyone who puts their toe in the
2:05 pm
political game, because i.t. is not a great thing for a family to go through. this is me say thank you to the women and one man who put up with this through the primary, at how tough that was on families. [applause] but i recognized something a few years back now -- it is almost two years now. they is a women are not as good at math. guess what? we are the ones to balance the checkbook. [applause] we are the ones who have to budget the family household. we are also the ones that love our children and our grandchildren. we are the ones that are not going to leave a legacy of debt to them for a recklessness from
2:06 pm
what we're doing in this generation. and that is part the reason i said to mitt, you have got to do this again. he could give you all the arguments as to why, and they were good ones -- sue why not to do that again. we knew how tough the primary process was going to be. this is what i asked mitt -- he gave me all the arguments -- how hard it was in the primary, how hard it would be to be a sitting blah blah., blah [laughter] i just said, "talk to the hand." [laughter] this is where the rational mind and other mine comes in. i said, i need to know one thing. is it too late to fix america?
2:07 pm
he paused, actually, and said, "well, it is getting late, but not too late yet. i said, "that is all i need to know. you have got to run. there is no other option." [applause] so in case you have not noticed, i am coming from a place of real results and real belief that he is the one person that is going to turn this country around. [applause] i said last night, you can trust this man. i also said he will not fail. i say that for a very good
2:08 pm
reason, because he has developed a skill set in his lifetime that are so unique to this particular situation and challenge that this country faces at this moment. they our economic challenges. there is challenges of the spirit as well, because this is what i hear when i go across from women who know how to do the math and know that it is not adding up. they say two things to me, which is that it -- it is universal -- "i am praying for you." i love that. the second thing they say is, "your husband has got to save the country." they are the ones who have figured at out, who have done the math, and know where we are headed. if we don't get someone in there to fix the direction of the country, because it is the
2:09 pm
direction we're heading in that is the trouble. it is the direction of deficit spending. you look to europe. how is it not obvious to everyone that that is the path we are on? we cannot continue to do that. we as women figured it out, because guess what , we do know how to do the math. that is why so many other women in this nation have got to figure out, and i going to go in that voting booth and vote for my children's future? that is what they have got to ask, because this will be an economic question for them. we are ok. the next generation is going to be paying for our debt. we just passing the bill along. and mitt romney and paul ryan are standing up and saying that
2:10 pm
is wrong. no, we are not going to do that. we are going to do the hard thing, the responsible thing, and the moral thing, because -- [applause] why mitt is running. it is to make sure that the next generation has this promise that has always been the promise of america, that the next generation will be better off. there is probably not a person in this room that believes that if we stay on the path we are on, the next generation will be better off than we are. it is not possible. it is our moment, i guess our time to say -- it is our time to say stop, have got to do the
2:11 pm
right thing, the responsible thing. i have to say a huge, huge thank welcome to ffelt janna ryan. [applause] i feel a little sorry for her, like, responsible for her, because she has just been thrown into this fire storm. i have been kind of building up to it for a while. cindy knows it takes a few years to get yourself up to speed and extent of the stuff going on, and all the things thrown at her husband. she is a strong woman and a beautiful man. i am so excit -- and a beautiful woman. i am so excited. [applause] i am so excited that they have come from the same place that
2:12 pm
mitt and i do, because paul is not in this for himself. paul is in this to make a difference, and he is the one out there wringing the warning bell. he is the one out there telling the truth as to what we are facing as a nation. [applause] soaker it is going to be an extraordinary partnership. i feel like i have got a name for mitt and paul. how do you like "the dynamic duo"? [applause] paul brings energy and knowledge of the budget and inside out better than anyone in this country. we are thrilled when they take
2:13 pm
office and start really getting this country back on track again. [applause] i am going to take this opportunity to say a few more personal things about mitt that i did not get to elaborate on last night. the first time i used a teleprompter. the first time i actually had a written text, as you can see. i don't ever go off of a written text. it keeps me real, it keeps me speaking about what is in my heart. i would like to tell you about some of the difficult moments in my life, and how mitt was there for me during those times, so that you can understand where this man is really coming from in a better way. the girls that are here all note
2:14 pm
this. my grandchildren, where the heck are they? the back? at the very end, can we get them to come out, so that one of -- i don't know, they can go get their kids. i will wrap this up, so then i can show the rewards of having a happy marriage. and rewards having to live through what i lived through when they were little. [laughter] when they were of little, and you saw from the video of the rambunctiousness -- oh, my gosh, ey -- mitt traveled, and i would call, and he would hear a very exasperated wife on the phone. he was so terrific even then,
2:15 pm
because he gave me confidence in what i was doing. he said, "ann, it is going to be ok. i will do whatever wacky thing i need to do with whatever bum --" [laughter] they were something else. "what you are doing is more important than what i am doing. your job is more important than my job." [applause] the great thing is he actually meant it. "my job is temporary." it was, by the way. we moved on. "but what you are doing is building for ever. and that meant so much me as a mother, having to struggle with
2:16 pm
his boys for a whil -- those boys for a while, that it was worth eight. that was wonderful, and the boys knew it, too. the boys knew that their dead loved them and wanted to be wit -- their dad loved them and wanted to be with them. the things they learned from life is how mitt treated me, and this is the great joy and i can have as a mother, to see my sons treating their wives with such love and respect. i then know i've done my job. [applause] the other time that was a very difficult time in my life was when i was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and also breast cancer. to have mitt by my side and,
2:17 pm
again, to remind me that life was tough, but we were going to do it together, and those were dark hours for me. it is amazing that i am standing here today. i never expected to be. i was deteriorating very quickly and is very ill. i thought my life was completely, completely over. it was wonderful to have a husband who stood by my side, telling me and reminding me what is most important in his life is our love. to all of that, i want just to tell you that mitt will be a person, when he is in the white house, that will be thinking about family, that will be thinking about women, that will be thinking about how we care for one another, and how he will never abandon you. that is the guy i know, the guy
2:18 pm
i love, the guy i am so proud of. now i will have the little ones, outbid i tell my boys when i see them now, being parents and seeing their children misbehave -- [laughter] it's great. i say to them, "you deserve it." [laughter] but now i think they will be pretty good. let's see if i can get my grandkids to come out. [applause] ♪
2:19 pm
host: caller >> and that was ann romney at the hyatt regency in tampa with several of her grandchildren with her. we are back live with the republican convention live on c- span. if you missed it the ann romney breakfast and would like to see it or any of the speeches last night or anything we have been covering at tampa, you can go to our convention hub.
2:20 pm
we have been talking with delegates throughout the week and you can catch up on their activities. you cannot join in c -- you can join in our social media chats. something new this year -- you can share a lot of the video very simply that we have been covering, if you want to send it to friends or family or post it, whenever you would like to do. there's all sorts of interactive features, but at the same time, you can watch archived video from this convention, from past republican conventions, as well as democratic conventions. and you can watch our coverage live as well of the convention. we will be doing this and then next week in charlotte for the democrats -- the same thing next week in charlotte for the democrats. a couple of things this afternoon that we want to make
2:21 pm
you aware of. in a little over an hour, the president will be live at a campaign rally in charlottesville, virginia. we will be bringing that into you live. and then of course, this evening, the convention kicks off. we will kick it off at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. the convention starts at 7:00 p.m., and you will hear from a lot of different politicians, including senators mitch mcconnell and rand paul in the first hour, as well as representative kathy morris rogers of washington. second hour, 8:00 p.m., senators mccain, tune of south dakota -- john thune of south dakota. the governor of puerto rico will be speaking, along with tim pawlenty, another finalist in
2:22 pm
the vice-presidential sweepstakes, and mike huckabee, a former governor of arkansas, of course. the 10:00 p.m. hour, condoleezza rice, a former secretary of state, of course, governor susana martinez of new mexico, and finally, paul ryan will give his acceptance speech as the party nominee for vice president. that is what is coming up tonight. live in gavel-to-gavel coverage on c-span, or you can watch it again on if you are away from your television. i want to mention something we are doing. if you are a regular c-span viewer, you are aware of the studentcam contest. >> during the republican and democratic conventions, we are asking middle school and high- school students to send a message to the president as part of this year's studentcam documentary competition. in a short video, students will answer the question, what is the most important issue the
2:23 pm
president should consider in 2013? there is $50,000 in total prize is available. c-span's studentcam video competition is open to students grades 6 through 12. for a complete list of rules, go online to >> we watched senate hearings or the house, whenever that is up. confirmation hearings, things like that i like it because it is immediate, real, it's not , unless the typical speakers are spinning it in perring. usually, it is truth. real research, experts talking, congress and the action and inactio -- congress in action and inaction. that is what i like about it. it is more real than other media.
2:24 pm
>> c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979, brought to you as a public service by your television provider. >> and back live in tampa. on your screen is the tampa bay times forum, where the convention is being held. mitt romney was there for chris christie's speech last night, but he is in indiana today and will be flying back tonight. there is a rumor going around that clint eastwood is coming to tampa and will be speaking thursday night, the night that mitt ryan will be accepting the nomination. but tonight is paul ryan's night, and we want to bring you a couple of speeches from our archives of a vice-presidential nominees accepting their party's nomination. we will bring you dan quayle
2:25 pm
from 1988, and jack kemp of from 1996, dick cheney from 2000, and sarah palin from 2008. former nominees for vice president. >> just think, 82 days from now , george bush and i are going to win one for you, win one for america's future, and yes, win one for tehe gipper. [applause] my friends -- >> four more years! >> i am standing here tonight because of a decision made by a great man and a great leader, george bush.
2:26 pm
[applause] two days ago, he asked me if i would join him as his running mate. i am deeply grateful for george's confidence in, and i am humbled by the task ahead. i would like to add a very personal note. i am also standing here tonight because of the decision my wife, marilyn, and i made nearly 16 years ago, to be married. marilyn and our children, tucker, benjamin, and corrine, all my strength, my pride, my joy.
2:27 pm
[applause] they are and always will be my total life. many this week and asked, who is dan quayle? the people of indiana now -- know me. [applause] and now the nation will. [applause]
2:28 pm
since 1980, i have been the united states senator from indiana, and very proud of it. before that, i was a member of the united states house of representatives, and proud of it. as a young man, i served six years in the national guard, and like millions of americans who have served in the guard, i am proud of that. [applause]
2:29 pm
>> usa! usa! in indiana, they call us hoosiers. and if you saw the movie "hoosiers," you have a feeling of what life is like in small towns of our state.
2:30 pm
my hometown of huntington is a little bigger than the town in the movie. in the high school and graduated from, it was a little bigger than the one that field of the basketball team in the film. still, i identify with that movie "hoosiers," because it reflects the values we grew up with in our small town writ we believe very strongly in hard work, in getting an education, in offering an opportunity to our families. yes, we love basketball. [applause] we love underdogs. [applause] but most important, we love our country.
2:31 pm
[applause] >> usa! usa! usa! usa! >> so, tonight, i am one humble hoosier, whose efforts to devote part of his life to public service have led him here. i would of been quite happy spending my life in huntington, in the newspaper business, watching my kids grow, seeing a community with plenty of opportunity to go around.
2:32 pm
but i looked around me in the mid-1970's and i saw threats to the future of my family and to the values that could once be taken for granted in our country. beyond my town, there were communities torn by crime and drugs and there were neighborhoods where the very word "opportunity" didn't exist, because there were no jobs. i decided to try to change these things to make opportunity replace despair, and to make the teachers just as good as the past for the families of the many huntingtons of our great land. that was 1976 when i was first elected to the house of representatives. but both houses of congress and the white house in the hands of liberal democrats, it was a lot
2:33 pm
tougher than i ever imagined it to turn my determination into reality. in those jimmy carter years, the people running things thought government was the answer instead of part of the problem. they thought high taxes and big spending would solve anything. i think you know the rest. none of their policies worked, and the american people knew it. [applause] in 1980, they voted for a bold new course for the country, of course that brought us more jobs for working americans, more security for a peace-loving people, more respect from fans and foes around mcculloh, or
2:34 pm
opportunity for women and minorities, and a renewed belief that america is a land where you can make your dreams come true. [applause] the reagan-bush revolution has already been written on the pages of history. now george bush and dan quayle are going to add several bold new chapters of the story of the greatest nation that god ever put on this earth. [applause] >> usa!
2:35 pm
usa! >> when i think of america under the leadership of george bush, three words come to my mind -- freedom, family, and future. [applause] freedom first, because without it, nothing else is possible. [applause] when i was a boy, my grandfather used to say to me, and i say to you here tonight,
2:36 pm
that america is the greatest nation on earth because america is free. [applause] this is true today and will always be true. next, family. george bush understands, you understand, i understand that the family has always been in the very heart of civilization. we know the importance of the family to a child's growing up. we know that the help of family can lead a kid out of school,
2:37 pm
out of hope, out of luck. i we know that family were one generation takes care of another, young and old. and then there's the future. [applause] >> dole-kemp! dole-kemp! >> thank you. ok, i accept, i accept. our convention is not just a meeting of a political party.
2:38 pm
our convention is a celebration of ideas. our goal is not just to win, but to be worthy of winning. this is a great nation with a great mission, and last night we nominated a leader whose stature is equal to that calling, a man whose words convey a quiet strength, who knows what it means to sacrifice for others, to sacrifice for his country, and to demonstrate courage under fire, who brings people together of all parties and backgrounds in common cause. in recent years -- in recent years, has been a presidential practice when delivering the state of the union address to introduce heroes in the balcony. next year, when bob dole
2:39 pm
delivers the state of the union address, there will be a hero at the podium. [applause] there is another hero with us tonight. he is here in our hearts, he is here in our spirit. he is here in our minds. he brought america back and restored our spirit, he gave us a decade of prosperity and expanding horizons. make no mistake about it, communism came down not because it fell, but because he pushed it. [applause] thank you, ronald reagan.
2:40 pm
[applause] the gipper. our campaign -- just a moment, let me talk about this campaign -- is dedicated to completing that revolution. i am sure he is watching us, so let me say to him on behalf of all of us who love him, thanks to the gipper. tonight is the party of abraham lincoln and ronald reagan and bob dole and all the great republican supercede us, we begin our campaign to restore the american dream.
2:41 pm
with the end of the cold war, all the isms of the 20th century, not season, communism, socialism, and the evil of apartheidism has failed, except one. only democracy has shown itself true to the hopes of all mankind. [applause] >> usa! usa! usa! >> you see -- >> usa! usa! >> you see, democratic capitalism is not just the hope of wealth, but it is the hope of justice. when we look into the face of poverty, we see the pain, despair,, but in every child we
2:42 pm
must see the image of god. the desire within and every child to work and build and improve our lot in life, and that of our families, and those we love, and in our work and the act of creating that is part of all labor. we discover that part of ourselves that is divine. i believe the ultimate imperative for growth and opportunity is to advance human dignity. [applause] dr. martin luther king believed that we must see a sleeping hero in every soul. i believe america must establish policies that summon those heroes and call forth the
2:43 pm
boundless potential, and that of the human spirit, that our fullest potential will never be achieved by following leaders who call us to timid tasks, diminished dreams, and some era of limits. every generation faces choices -- hope or despair, to plan for scarcity or to embrace the possibilities. societies throughout history believed they had reached the frontiers of human accomplishment. but in every age, those who trusted the divine spark of imagination discovered that vastly greater horizons still lay ahead. you see, americans do not accept limits. we transcend those limits. we do not settle for things as they are. we are intent on succeeding.
2:44 pm
i learned this as a lesson as a young boy growing up in los angeles, california. [applause] my dad was a truck driver. my daddy was a truck driver. he and my uncle bought the truck started, a trucking company, put four boys through college. from them and my mom, a teacher, i've learned to never give up. i want you to know tonight from the bottom of my heart, to me and my children and my family, faith, freedom and family, as well as life, of the greatest gifts of god to all
2:45 pm
humanity. ids preciou -- it is precious. [applause] today, america is on the threshold of the greatest period of economic opportunity, technological development, and entrepreneurial adventure in the history of the world. we have before us tomorrows that are more thrilling than the most glorious of our yesterdays. and yet the genius of the american people is being stifled our economy is growing at the slowest pace of recovery of any period in this century. the end, of the working men and women is dropping or stagnant trad there a gnawing feeling throughout the nation that some way, some reason, there is just something wrong. our friends in the other party say that the economy is great, it's moving forward. it is moving like a ship
2:46 pm
dragging an anchor, the anchor of taxes, excessive regulation, the government and bureaucracy. they say it is the best we can do and the best we can hope for. that is because they put their entire trust in government rather than people. they want a government that runs our lives, run our businesses, run our schools. you see, it they just don't believe in the unlimited possibility that freedom can bring. today, the democratic party is not democratic. there elitists -- they're elitists. [applause] they do not have faith in people. they have a faith in government. they trust government more than markets, and that is why they raised taxes on middle income families, is why they tried to nationalize health care that is why they say they are
2:47 pm
unalterably opposed to cutting taxes on american families. that is the problem with elitists, that they think they know better than the people. the truth is, there is a wisdom, and intelligence in ordinary men and women a far superior to the greatest so-called experts that ever lived. that is what our party must be all about. [applause] the democratic party is the party of the status quo. as of tonight, with bob dole as our leader, we are the party of change. [applause] our first step will be to balance the budget with a strategy that combines economy in government with the kind of tax cuts designed to liberate the productive genius of the american people. now, of course, the naysayers in the clinton white house say they cannot be done. they have got to say that. they don't know bob dole, and it they don't know jack kemp.
2:48 pm
[applause] as bob and i have said before and will continue to say throughout this campaign, with a pro-growth republican congress, balancing the budget while cutting taxes is just a matter of presidential will. if you have it, you can do it. bob dole has it, and bob dole will do it. [applause] you can count on it. and guess what? and guess what? and guess what? all the critics -- i will be with him at his side every step of the way. [applause] >> i have been given an opportunity to serve beside a
2:49 pm
man who has the courage and vision and the goodness to be a great president, gov. george w. bush. [applause] i have been in the company of leaders. i was there on august 9, 1974, when gerald ford assumed the presidency during the gravest constitutional crisis since the civil war. i saw how character and decency can dignify a great office and unite a great nation. [applause] i was a congressman when another man of integrity lived in the white house. i saw a president restore america's confidence and prepare the foundation for victory in the cold war. [applause]
2:50 pm
i saw how one man's will can set the nation on a new course. and i learned the meaning of leadership from president ronald reagan. [applause] i left congress to join the cabinet of president reagan's successor, and i am proud to say and not the only man on this ticket who has learned from the example of president george bush. [applause] i saw resolve in times of crisis, the steady hand that shaped an alliance and threw
2:51 pm
back a tyrant. he earned the respect and confidence of the men and women of america's armed forces. [applause] i have been in the company of leaders. i know what it takes, and i see in our nominee the qualities of mind and spirit our nation needs and our history demands. [applause] big changes are coming to washington. [applause] to serve with this man in this
2:52 pm
cause is a chance i would not miss. [applause] this country has given us so much opportunity. when lynne and i were growing up, we had so many blessings. we went to good public schools, we had fine, dedicated teachers. our mothers, like our fathers, worked outside the home so that we could go to college. we lived in a caring community, where parents were confident that their children's lives could be better than their own. and that is as it should be, and as it can be again. [applause] we can make our public schools better. we can reform the tax code so that families can keep more of what they earn, more dollars than they can spend on what they value than on what the government thinks is important.
2:53 pm
[applause] we can restore the ideals of honesty and honor that must be a part of our national life, if our children are to thrive. [applause] when i look at the administration now in washington, i am dismayed by opportunities squandered. saddened by what might have been but never was. these have been years of prosperity in our land, but little purpose in the white house. [applause] bill clinton vowed not long ago to hold on to power "until the last hour of the last date." that is his right.
2:54 pm
but my friends, that last hour is coming. [applause]
2:55 pm
that last day is near. the wheel has turned, and it is time, it is time for them to go. [applause]
2:56 pm
>> time to go! time to go!
2:57 pm
>> george tell you bush will repair what has been damaged -- george w. bush will repair what has been damaged. he is a man without pretense, without cynicism. a man of principle, a man of honor. on the first hour of the first day, he will restore decency and integrity to the oval office. [applause] he will show us that national leaders can be true to their word, and that they can get things done by reaching across
2:58 pm
the aisle and working with political opponents in good faith and common purpose. i know he will do these things, because for the last five years, ine watched him do them texas. [applause] george w. bush came to give governors office with a clear view of what he wanted to achieve. he said he would bring higher standards to public schools, and he has. walk into those schools today, and you will see children with better scores, classrooms with better discipline, teachers with better pay. he pledged to reduce taxes, and he has. [applause] he did it twice, with the
2:59 pm
biggest tax reduction in state history, and not only is the budget in balance, it's running a surplus of more than $1 billion. [applause] he promised to reform the legal system, to get rid of junk lawsuits, and he has. [applause] today, the legal system serves all the people, not just the trial lawyers. [applause] none of these reforms came easily. when he took office, both houses of the legislature were controlled by democrats, and the house of representatives still is. but governor bush does not
3:00 pm
accept old lines of argument and division. he brings people together, reaching across party lines to do the people'sthe people's bus. he leads by conviction and not calculation. [applause] you will never see him pointing the finger of blame for failure, you will only see him ensuring the course for success. [applause] that is exactly what is missing from washington today. in the last eight years, the city has become a place of bitterness and ill will, and partisan crowds. american politics has always been a tough business, when
3:01 pm
george washington himself wondered if delegates could ever agree on the constitution. they did agree when it mattered most, guided by the public interest and a deep regard for one another. today, politics has become war by other means. and onslaught of accusation. this is what bill bradley was up against and others before him. the gore campaign was a thousand promises and a thousand attacks. we are all a little bit weary of the clinton-goure retain -- clinton-gore routine. [applause]
3:02 pm
but the wheel has turned. it is time for them to go. in this election they will speak
3:03 pm
endlessly of risks and we will speak of progress. they will make accusations and we will make proposals. they will talk about fear and we will speak about hope. they will offer lectures and legalisms and carefully worded denial. [applause] we offer another way, a better way, with truth. >> it was a year ago when the experts discounted our nominee. with their usual certitude, they told us all was lost and there was no hope for this candidate.
3:04 pm
he said he would rather lose the election and see his country lose the war. but the pollsters and the abundance overlooked one thing. they overlooked the caliber of the man himself, the determination and the resolve and the sheer guts of senator john mccain. when the voters knew better. and maybe that's because they realize there is a time for politics and a time for leadership, a time to campaign and a time to put our country first. our nominee for president is a true profile in courage, and people like that are hard to come by. he's a man who wore the uniform
3:05 pm
of this country for 22 years, and refused to break faith with those troops in iraq who have now brought victory within sight. and as the mother of one of those troops, that is exactly the kind of man i want as commander in chief. i'm just one of many moms who'll say an extra prayer each night for our sons and daughters going into harm's way. our son track is 19. and one week from tomorrow --
3:06 pm
september 11th -- he'll deploy to iraq with the army infantry in the service of his country. my nephew kasey also enlisted, and serves on a carrier in the persian gulf. my family is proud of both of them and of all the fine men and women serving the country in uniform. [applause] track is the eldest of our five children. in our family, it's two boys and three girls in between -- my strong and kind-hearted daughters bristol, willow, and piper.
3:07 pm
and in april, my husband todd and i welcomed our littlest one into the world, a perfectly beautiful baby boy named trig. from the inside, no family ever seems typical. that's how it is with us. our family has the same ups and downs as any other, the same challenges and the same joys.
3:08 pm
sometimes even the greatest joys bring challenge. and children with special needs inspire a special love. to the families of special- needs children all across this country, i have a message -- for years, you sought to make america a more welcoming place for your sons and daughters. i pledge to you that if we are elected, you will have a friend and advocate in the white house. todd is a story all by himself. he's a lifelong commercial
3:09 pm
fisherman, a production operator in the oil fields of alaska's north slope, a proud member of the united steel workers' union, and world champion snow machine racer. throw in his yup'ik eskimo ancestry, and it all makes for quite a package. we met in high school, and two decades and five children later he's still my guy.
3:10 pm
my mom and dad both worked at the elementary school in our small town. and among the many things i owe them is one simple lesson -- that this is america, and every woman can walk through every door of opportunity. my parents are here tonight, and i am so proud to be the daughter of chuck and sally heath. long ago, a young farmer and habber-dasher from missouri followed an unlikely path to the vice presidency. a writer observed, "we grow good people in our small towns, with honesty, sincerity, and dignity."
3:11 pm
i know just the kind of people that writer had in mind when he praised harry truman. i grew up with those people. they are the ones who do some of the hardest work in america, who grow our food, run our factories, and fight our wars. they love their country, in good times and bad, and they're always proud of america. i had the privilege of living most of my life in a small town. i was just your average hockey mom, and signed up for the pta because i wanted to make my kids' public education better.
3:12 pm
when i ran for city council, i didn't need focus groups and voter profiles because i knew those voters, and knew their families, too. -- they say the difference betseeween a pit bull and a hocy mom is liptick. i signed up for the pta to make the education better. when i ran for city council, i didn't need voter profiles. i knew the voters and their families, too. before i became governor of the great state of alaska, i was mayor of my hometown.
3:13 pm
and since our opponents in this presidential election seem to look down on that experience, let me explain to them what the job involves. i guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a "community organizer," except that you have actual responsibilities.
3:14 pm
i might add that in small towns, we don't quite know what to make of a candidate who lavishes praise on working people when they are listening, and then talks about how bitterly they cling to their religion and guns when those people aren't listening. we tend to prefer candidates who don't talk about us one way in scranton and another way in san francisco. as for my running mate, you can be certain that wherever he goes, and whoever is listening, john mccain is the same man.
3:15 pm
i'm not a member of the permanent political establishment. and i've learned quickly, these past few days, that if you're not a member in good standing of the washington elite, then some in the media consider a candidate unqualified for that reason alone. but here's a little news flash for all those reporters and commentators -- i'm not going to washington to seek their
3:16 pm
good opinion -- i'm going to washington to serve the people of this country. americans expect us to go to washington for the right reasons, and not just to mingle with the right people. politics isn't just a game of clashing parties and competing interests. the right reason is to
3:17 pm
challenge the status quo, to serve the common good, and to leave this nation better than we found it. no one expects us to agree on everything. but we are expected to govern with integrity, good will, clear convictions, and a servant's heart. i pledge to all americans that i will carry myself in this spirit as vice president of the united states. >> lives in tampa, we have shown you dan quayle and jack kemp and sarah palin and their acceptance speeches, since 1984.
3:18 pm
every minute of every convention is online. so you can go there and look at our video archives, you can find everything that you need to see, right there, and watch this on line, just type in the search of what you want to see and you can watch this on line. as we continue our coverage, we will break away in 10 minutes and go to charlottesville virginia, with the president is having a campaign rally at 3:30. we will be live from charlottesville, virginia. tonight, the republican national convention, they number three in tampa -- day 3 in tampa and then
3:19 pm
the convention convenes, and we will have gavel-to-gavel coverage. you can watch this at c- mitch mcconnell and ran the ball will be talking, and they will have a video for ron paul. they will be speaking at 9:00. in puerto rico, tim valenti and mike huckabee. -- pawlenty and mike huckabee. condoleezza rice and martinez and paul ryan will take the nomination for vice president. and then we will have a post- game show afterward. from the floor of the convention center. in 10 minutes a the president will be in charlottesville virginia. first is a former mississippi
3:20 pm
governor, haley barbour athlete politico breakfast, that we have been covering all week. >> good morning. >> we talked about this story earlier. you said that 2012, these cycles or more of an issue -- >> i think that this is more toxic in 2012 than 2008. this was in the table in a celebratory way. an african-american going for the presidency was unmistakable. but since barack obama became the president, most people don't want to talk about race, in a prominent way but this is a subtext and a very toxic subtext
3:21 pm
for this campaign. we have seen this come through exclusively on the table. with people accusing each other of race baiting. >> what do you make of this, >> is started with chris smith -- chris matthews. he had a showdown with reince priebus and i think that this agitated the republicans. i think this is a preview of what you will see and when you talk to the campaigns privately, they are happy that this will be a negative campaign. they will not buckle when people say you should not do this. they have to suppress votes and they have to increase this elsewhere.
3:22 pm
this will be as nasty of a campaign as it has been. i think that they're happy to do what it takes. and if you think these numbers are effective and operative -- i don't think they have any guilty conscience anymore, or hand- wringing about have date -- how they had to win dirty. i think at the top, the nominees have to be aware of the potential for this kind of politics to damage their own brand. they are aware of this -- the broad center of american politics -- and eight -- in this brand of politics may be effective but the people hate this. >> with the operatives on both sides, they laugh at the media and -- who do you think pays attention to the politics?
3:23 pm
they feel that they have the license to say what they need to say. this is striking because they used to say that they would be ashamed of this. >> your fellow wisconsin native, paul are in, pulled back from ryan,ords, -- paul ar pulled back from the words -- >> he is not known outside of wisconsin. he will take down obama. he will take president obama's speech and take the 2008 speech from denver, the greek column speech and he will go through it , they promised this and you didn't get it. and he ish messaghe message
3:24 pm
going to go with romney's speech. you may not like ouus and our policies but we'll make tough choices. christie tried to hit that, tough choices. because he is associated with medicare plan, he said we'd be the adults. if you look at the success -- it is when they take on tougher issues to cut spending, to do things that are unpleasant. they think they will be elected in 2012. they may be right and the mainstream media may have missed the boat. with ryan on the ticket, republicans are more trusted rather than less trusted.
3:25 pm
that defies what the pundits thought. >> you made the point that win or lose, paul ryan will be at the head of the list for 2015. >> he will be at the head of the list. you see -- a new republican party. mitt romney is not part of it. the republican party is defined by rubio, ryan, and a great piece about how it is late 30's, early 40's conservative republicans who embody what the tea party embodied in 2010. anti-government, let's go after it, fervor. they have been effective at it. indiana, ohio, and wisconsin,
3:26 pm
where they do things unpopular with certain segments. >> we see the results with the business climate and nationally. >> there was a story that said that behind the scenes, the republicans are not sold on mitt romney, let alone the larger audience out there. peggy noonan blogged that, she saw people filing out of the tampa bay * form and thought that things were not on fire. >> she thought that crisscross the -- chris christie would set them on fire, based on your view of it. they are not igniting the
3:27 pm
passion of the republican electorate. the operatives think republicans should win with ease. the top election is the economy and people are not happy with the state of the economy or barack obama's handling of it. they think mitt romney is not ahead because of these human questions, his ability to connect with people, and the appeal of this profile. in tampa, he helped a little bit and the big task will be updating mitt romney himself. >> and what do we think about the christie speech? the analysis will be different in 12 hours. on "morning joe,"
3:28 pm
talking with john, i don't reviews.u'll see mixed christie wanted to leave the place dying for more. to position himself to run in 2016 if romney does not win election. by those standards, the analysis is that he didn't do it. thought. what people expectations were high for the guy because he is a rare politician who can connect emotionally. and i don't think he had a moment. >> what's the biggest thing you're looking for in charlotte? >> it is how barack obama responds to the indictment.
3:29 pm
there is not time for a convention bounce. >> and does he put specificity to the rhetoric? >> we thank c-span for listening in and our viewers on and the st. petersburg times, the tampa bay times. great audience. bank of america and >> that was a portion of the political playbook breakfast. now, up to charlottesville, where the president is being introduced by a uva student. >> for the first time in a long
3:30 pm
time, we turned virginia blue. the stakes are higher and our voices and votes are more important than ever. we can't win virginia without winning charlottesville, and we can't win this election without virginia. that's why i'm getting as many people registered to vote as i can i need you to join me and the president needs you there, too. this can come down to that one extra conversation or that one extra person you register. talk to your friends, family, and neighbors and get them registered to vote. go to
3:31 pm
it has all the information they'll need to get started. if you're not registered, you've got to register today. charlottesville, we can't let someone else decide our future. we have to own it and fight for it just like president obama believes in it. now -- the other side may have the special interests. but president obama has us. [applause] on november 6, we're going to be louder. let's start right now. let me hear you. let's give a wahoo welcome to the president of the united
3:32 pm
states, barack obama! ♪ >> hello, virginia. go -- i still don't know what a
3:33 pm
wahoo is. but i know we've got some here today. it is good to be back. i love coming to this pavillion. i want to thank montez for the introduction, give him a big round of applause. i want to thank tom perriello, and your next united states senator, tim kaine. so -- it is good to be back in charlottesville. i love you back. [applause]
3:34 pm
before i get started, let me just say. in the flight over here, i was talking to our fema director, craig fugate and janet napolitano and some of the governors and mayors being effected as they deal with hurricane ivan. it is important for all of us, with some prayerful people here, to let people in the coast know our thoughts and prayers are with you. we are going to make sure we do every single thing we need to do to ensure the folks down there are taken care of and have the support nad lov and love of the country. when things like this happen,
3:35 pm
there are no democrats or republicans, there are just americans, and we stand by americans in their hour of need. now, i know it -- for me, it's great to be in charlottesville. class is back in session. come on, we need a little more enthusiasm, students. football team has a home game on saturday. [applause] and in just over two months form rom now, for the first time in many of your lives, you'll get to pick the next president of the united states. now, i know that there are
3:36 pm
some young-at-heart here who are not so young, like me, but let me jsujust speak to the young people. you have more at stake than anybody. when you step into the booth, the vhoicchoice you make will se your country, and shape the world for decades to come. i know that's a heavy idea to lay on you on the second day of class, but it's true. the decisions we make as a country now on everything from the economy and jobs to education and energy and war and climate change. all these decisions are going to be effecting your lives in a
3:37 pm
very personal way. thank you. [unintelligible] listen.-- and, i couldn't hear what those young people were saying, but it's good that they're getting involved. what i'm trying to tell you is, don't just chant. you've got to vote. [applause] you've got to vote. the decisions we make, war, peace, the economy, the
3:38 pm
environment, all tof those will be decided. they will effect you, and malia and sasha, my daughters. your generation has to push the generation in front of you to make sure they're making the right decision. your generation will chosose between two candidates and parties and choose the path we take as a country. it will effect your lives in personal and profound ways. think about the questions at stake. will we make sure the jobs take root in china or germany, or in charlottesville and
3:39 pm
richmond and all across america? [applause] are we going to make sure an honest day's work is rewarded? that someone who works hard can afford to have their own home. they will have health care when they are sick and cnan retire with dignity and respect and make sure their kids are doing better and dreaming better than they did. are we going to make sure that not just you, but folks who follow you, can get a college degree and are able to pay off their student loan debt. are we going -to build more good schools and hire good teachers and make sure our young people are prepared to attend colleges
3:40 pm
like u.v.a.? will this be a country that keeps moving from foreign oil, investing in wind and solar and biofuel, that make our planet more secure? will this be a nation that leads not just with the strength of our military but the power of our example? is that the kind of country we will continue to be? and most of all, will this continue to be an america where no matter who you are and what you look like and whatever your last name is or who you love, you can pursue your own happiness and make it. [applause]
3:41 pm
that is what my presidency has been about, and that is what this campaign is about, and that's why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states of america. that is what tim kaine stands for, and tom periello stands for. and i know -- you know, that right around this time, before football season started, some people get sick of politics. sometimes the campaign seems meaner and smaller and washington is more gridlocked. and cynics tell you, change isn't possible and you cannot close the distance between how
3:42 pm
things are and how they should be. you had all of that hope and change stuff. this aher side made strategy, telling you how bad it is and that it's all obama's fault. they hope that, even if you don't vote for them, because you know what they peddle doesn't work, that you get so discouraged you just stay home. that -- that's what they are banking on. but i don't believe that. i don't think you believe that. we knew that solving our biggest challenges would take more than
3:43 pm
one year, one term, one president. we know we have a lot of work to do but we are determined to get it done and finish the race, and that is why i'm running for a second term. [applause] and, you know what makes me confident with you? that the american people have gone through tough times. the american people are always tougher. and this generation of young americans, i see your passion and your service nad i'vand eago make a difference. you've proved you can make a difference. some of you voted four years ago. some of you, who were too young, worked on the campaign.
3:44 pm
and you believed we could put a college education in reach of anyone willing to work for it. so -- we created a college tax credit to save $10,000 on tuition, and we fixed the student loan system. we said, let's use this for double grant aid. we prevented student loan rates from doubling. none of this would have happened if it hadn't been for you. if it wasn't for the faith you had to make a difference. you made that happen. that makes me believe and gives me confidence about you.
3:45 pm
[applause] four years ago, we talked about how we could use less foreign oil. reduce the carbon footprint an that threatesn thns the planet. we doubled wind and solar, creating thousands of jobs. today we are less dependent on foreign oil with fewer greenhass 20 than in this all happens because of you. [applause] four years ago, you believed nobody should go broke because they are sick.
3:46 pm
today, because of the new health affectionately known as "obamacare," because of that youngnearly 7,000,000 can sta people cna staan stay on their parent's plan. your grandparents have coverage. women have frequent mammograms and contraception. 30 million americans will have the security of health care coverage. you can't be barred for a pre- existing condition. you made that happen. that's because of you. four years ago, we said we'd end the war in iraq.
3:47 pm
we did. [applause] more troops are home with thei post-ilies with the g.i. bill, starting new businesses. nobody will have to hide who they love to serve the country they love. we ended "don't ask, don't tell." you made that happen. [applause] but the point is -- your vote matters. your voice made a difference. change was possible because you made it possible. so, you can't get tired now. we've got more work to do. we've got more work to do to grow the economy, and create
3:48 pm
more good jobs and strengthen the middle class. in november, your voice will matter more than ever. if you doubt that, pay attention to tampa this week. don't boo, vote. [applause] opponents, i mean, my are offering their agenda. it's an entertaining show. [laughter] they have wonderful things to say about me. but what is interesting, you can listen very hard and you won't hear them offer a clear, serious path forward. you won't. i mean, they've got an economic plan that is summed up simply. if we give $5 trillion in tax
3:49 pm
cuts, $250,000 to those making $3 million or more, prosperity rains down on the rest of us. we tried this for about a decade before i got into office. it didn't work then, and it's not going to work now. to pay for another millionaire's tax cut by raising taxes on the middle class, and cutting financial aid for tens of millions of students. our economic strength is not top-down, it comes from students and small business owners and a growing middle class. in just over two months, you cna
3:50 pm
an make a decision about which path we take. taxcan decide t ogivo give a cut to me or mr. romney, who don't need it. he needs it less than i do. [laughter] or if we work together to keep taxes low for americans still trying to make it. i cut taxes for middle-class families and want to make sure taxes aren't raised a dime for families, with the first $250,000 in income. 98% of americans wouldn't see an increase in income taxes.
3:51 pm
[applause] >> but that depends on how you vote in november. you can choose if we cede new jobs to china or if we fight for those jobs in virginia, in the united states, by investing in scientists and our students and innovation to harness new energy and bringing manufacturing to charlottesville and richmond. you can -- u.s.a. that's what we need. you can't just chant. you've got to vote. you can't -- you will decide if we can makkeep making college affordable, anor take my
3:52 pm
opponents advice and have your parents lend you money. i think we should help more americans earn this education at u.v.a. we have to help americans get to community colleges to get the training employers are looking for right now. and i'll say this. just so you know imeai mean it. michelle and i have been there. we know what it is like and we just finished paying off our student loans 8 years ago. we shouldn't make it harder for young people. easier.l be makinld make it we should be expanding the tax credit. high education is an economic
3:53 pm
necessity for every single american. [applause] you can decide that an energy plan written by and for the big oil companies is best for america. but i think the "all of the above" strategy that includes more american oil and gas, but also more wind and solar with new goals for efficiency and using energy in smarter ways is the key to the future. one of the things we've done is develop new fuel standards so your car will get 55 mpg.
3:54 pm
[applause] that is double what they are now. you only have to dig in your pocket to fill the tank half as often. it moves us closer to energy independence, for all the cars in the world, each year combined. and my opponent is against that. you have to make a decision. yesterday, my opponent called my position on fuel efficiency extreme. i don't know. it doesn't seem extreme to me to have more fuel-efficient cars. maybe the steam engine is his speed. we set goals and we meet them.
3:55 pm
that's what we do as americans. listen. what is extreme about the idea that instead of giving $4 billion a year in tax subsidies to oil companies that profit whenever you pump gas, we invest sources-rowrown energy that have never been more promising. this is good for our planet and our country and our future. those are the stakes, that is what you will decide, and that's why i'm running for president. [applause] we could go back to health care system that lets insurance companies decide who and what to cover, but i think we have to
3:56 pm
move forward with obamacare. it is cutting costs and saving lives. governor romney's promise is that on his first day, he is going to kill obamacare. this would mean, by the stroke of a pen, he can kick 7 million off their parent's plan, make drug costs higher for seniors, folks with preexisting conditions are out of luck. he calls it obamacare. i call his plan, "romney doesn't care." [applause] "romneyning on the doesn't care" platform. this law is here to stay. the supreme court wahas spoken.
3:57 pm
we won't refight the battles of the last four years. we're moving forward. that's what's at stake in this election. [applause] i'm telling you. on almost every issue, he wants to go backwards, sometimes all the way to the last century. in november, you can say, in this century, women should be trusted to make their own health care choices. [applause] you can say that in this century, we don't think young immigrants brought here as children, and understand themselves as americans, and pledge regionallegiance to the g
3:58 pm
should be deported to countries they've never been. you can say we shouldn't rewrite the constitution that keeps gay americans who love each other from marrying the people they love. strengtheaffirm thae of the american character doesn't come from shoving people to the sidelines or kicking folks to the curb. it comes from hearing everyone's voices, and realizing in the united states, we are greater together than we are on their own. that's what i believe,
3:59 pm
that's what you believe, and that's what's at stake in this election. [applause] this november, you get to decide about the future of the war in afghanistan. romney said ending the war in iraq was tragic, and doesn't have a plan to bring home the 30,000 troops coming home from afghanistan next month. he - he likes to talk tough but doesn't have a lot of details when it comes to these critical issues. and so -, what i have said not just to you but the young men and women in uniform, who are serving us every day, you will know where i stand. when i say i will end the war in
4:00 pm
iraq, i will end it. when i say we will go after bin laden, we will go after him. [applause] and when i say that when we bring our troops home, as long as i am commander in chief, will serve our veterans as well as they have served us. i mean it. because nobody should have to fight for a job or a roof over their head when they come home after they have been fighting for our freedom. [cheers and applause] so here is the bottom line. a new five trillion dollar tax cut will not create jobs.
4:01 pm
ignoring inequalities doesn't make them go away. denying climate change doesn't make it stop. looking backwards doesn't make our future brighter. it doesn't make your future stronger. in the next two months, you get to choose. we have a plan that will lead to a better future. you can prove this cent wrong one more time. the other side will spend more money than we have ever seen in our lives, an avalanche of insults and distractions, and sometimes they just make things up, but they have a bunch of folks who can write $10 million checks, and they will just keep on running them. somebody is challenging one of
4:02 pm
their ads, that they just made it up, about work and welfare. every allen says this is just not true. there are asked about it and one of their campaign worker said we will not have the fact checkers dictate our campaign. [laughter] will not let the truth get in the way. think about that. they are counting on young people to just accept their version of the way things ought to be. they expect that you will not be paying attention enough, are you will be distracted or discouraged enough that you walkaway, and that means big oil price the energy bills and insurance companies write the health-care bills and the politicians in washington decide what a woman can or cannot do when it comes to our own health.
4:03 pm
you know what? i think they are wrong. i am counting on you, because those who oppose change have always bet on your cynicism. they have always bet on a lack of hope. throughout american history that have lost that bet, and they are going to lose that at this time, too, as long as you register to vote, as long as you are going out there to vote, as long as you get your friends to go out there and vote. i need you. america needs you to close the gap between what is and what might be. we've got more jobs to create and more good schools to build. we have more homegrown energy to generate. we have more troops to bring home. we have more young people to send to college. we have more doors of opportunity to open to everybody who is willing to work hard and walk through them, and that all
4:04 pm
depends on you. so don't worry about letting me down. don't let america down. no let yourself down. go out there, register, stand- up, and if you do, will in virginia. and if we win virginia, we will win this election. and we will finish what we started. and uni, together, will remind the world just why the united states of america is the greatest nation on earth. god bless you. ♪ [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012]
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>> president obama speaking at the university of virginia, uva, joined by campaign. we are opening up the phone lines for about 20 minutes or so. please make sure you moved your television or radio when you
4:08 pm
call in. you can also reach us on twitter. we will check out a couple of tweets that have come in this afternoon. the president wrapping up two days of speaking at three different colleges. let's hear first from california, randy is on the democrats' line. caller: i just saw this great man, barack obama, the greatest president ever in the united states, just speaking the truth. i was looking at the republican national convention last night and they are looking like a bunch of robots. but i seen this is a black man who is so charismatic and speaks the truth. man, we need to vote for him one more time, the true barack obama. >> jan is on the republican
4:09 pm
line in newport, rhode island. >> i am calling to say that i was horrified by the president's fear and hatred toward america. i did not get the feeling -- he was blaming the people and saying is your fault if i don't win. this cannot hope and promise any more with president obama. it is threats and fear, and i think the poor man is running scared, like a bear in the woods when people have him quarter. i think he knows he has lost. i think it is sad, and his eyes show absolute hatred and viciousness. guest: the president wrapping up the third of three visits this week. we will read some of


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